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 [ko´nus] (pl. co´ni) (L.)
1. a cone-shaped structure.
2. posterior staphyloma of the myopic eye.
conus arterio´sus the anterosuperior portion of the right ventricle of the heart, at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk. Called also infundibulum.
conus medulla´ris the cone-shaped lower end of the spinal cord, at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae.


Plural of conus.


Abbreviation for:
Care Of the Next Infant (Medspeak-UK)


Plural of conus.
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While apologising for the inconvenience, the airline has reported that complimentary coach transfers to or from Cuneo Airport will be offered to passengers booked to travel through Turin Airport during the period of disruption.
Real Deal A BONHAmS spokesman said: "This is a wonderful painting of an iconic subject, which is sure to appeal to both train enthusiasts and Cuneo collectors.
Westerberg - who reportedly told Johnson that he and Cuneo had been drinking - "said they put (the head) on, danced around in it and took photos," Johnson wrote.
We provide enabling technology to the manufacturers of LEDs to singulate the devices that are manufactured and to remove them from the substrates that they're manufactured on," says Cuneo.
The prize includes a pair of return Ryanair flights from Birmingham International Airport to Cuneo Airport, 4* hotel accommodation, 2 six day ski passes and transfers to and from Cuneo airport.
The Cuneo is estimated to sell tomorrow for between pounds 20,000 to pounds 25,000.
Michael Cuneo, a Fordham University professor, recounts in his sporadically engrossing new book Almost Midnight how Mease became a murderer and discusses his trial and the pope's appeal that saved his life.
In 1965, he joined the Packaging Ink Corporation, where he was technical director until 1968, when he and his wife, Patricia, both went to Cuneo Press, a Chicago-based publication printer.
Overwhelmingly, seers are pretty humble people of modest means" who intend for their private revelations to be publicly consumed, Cuneo says.
quite literally, according to sociologist Michael Cuneo.