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 [ko´nus] (pl. co´ni) (L.)
1. a cone-shaped structure.
2. posterior staphyloma of the myopic eye.
conus arterio´sus the anterosuperior portion of the right ventricle of the heart, at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk. Called also infundibulum.
conus medulla´ris the cone-shaped lower end of the spinal cord, at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae.
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Plural of conus.
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Plural of conus.
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Turrentine Brokerage partner and bulk wine broker Marc Cuneo and broker Mike Needham delivered a presentation about the current market.
While apologising for the inconvenience, the airline has reported that complimentary coach transfers to or from Cuneo Airport will be offered to passengers booked to travel through Turin Airport during the period of disruption.
Real Deal A BONHAmS spokesman said: "This is a wonderful painting of an iconic subject, which is sure to appeal to both train enthusiasts and Cuneo collectors."
Westerberg - who reportedly told Johnson that he and Cuneo had been drinking - "said they put (the head) on, danced around in it and took photos," Johnson wrote.
"We provide enabling technology to the manufacturers of LEDs to singulate the devices that are manufactured and to remove them from the substrates that they're manufactured on," says Cuneo.
Proceeding from north to south, the first valley in Cuneo Province is the upper Po Valley.
With its climate characterised by constant snowfalls and mild temperatures due to the proximity of the Mediterranean, Cuneo, I confess, is not a ski holiday destination that had crossed my radar but my brief visit confirmed it is one I would happily go back to, especially knowing that a flight can take me directly from Birmingham to the provinces' capital.
Cuneo (1907-1996), a Londoner, above, was best known as the official artist for the Coronation and for his signature depiction of a tiny mouse in many of his works.
She is also "more predisposed to shopping and buying, even before she comes to our pages," Cathleen Cuneo, executive director of marketing for domino, told HFN.
CYRIL DESSEL'S masterly descent of the Col de la Bonette- Restefond clinched the prestigious 16th stage of the Tour de France from Cuneo to Jausiers as Frank Schleck retained the yellow jersey.
This painting of trains at a Birmingham depot by renowned industrial artist Terence Cuneo has sold for pounds 67,000.