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(im-par'ment) [Fr. empeirer fr L. (im)pejorare, to make worse]
Any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function. Impairments represent a deviation from generally accepted benchmarks in biomedical or psychosocial functioning.

age-associated memory impairment

Abbreviation: AAMI
Mild cognitive impairment.

cerebral visual impairment

Cortical blindness.

cognitive impairment

The loss of intellectual function, i.e., of thinking effectively. It may occur briefly after drug overdose or alcohol use, during sepsis, or after severe head injury. Permanent cognitive impairment may occur in older adults. Approximately half of the population over 85 show permanently impaired thinking when tested with standard assessment tools.

cognitive impairment, not dementia

Mild cognitive impairment.

correctable visual impairment

Abbreviation: CVI
Any visual deficiency that can be improved with the use of eyeglasses.

mild cognitive impairment

Abbreviation: MCI
A subjectively sensed, objectively verifiable loss of memory that may result in difficulties with word finding, naming, or complex skill execution. It does not generally impair a person's ability to carry out normal activities of daily living. About 15% of patients with MCI develop dementia within a year. Synonym: age-associated memory impairment; cognitive impairment, not dementia

minor cognitive motor impairment

A reduction in mental or physical agility and ability that manifests early in the course of infection with HIV. It may progress to AIDS-related dementia.

nonsyndromic hereditary hearing impairment

Hearing loss, or deafness, that is inherited and is not associated with other inherited characteristics.

specific language impairment

Abbreviation: SLI
A common impairment in language development affecting about 4% to 6% of children in which nonverbal intelligence is normal but skills such as the ability to name objects or to understand word meanings lags.

subjective memory impairment

A person's perception that his or her memory is failing, as opposed to other external or objective forms of evidence of dementia. It is usually associated with normal performance when memory is tested. Synonym: subjective memory complaint

syndromic hereditary hearing impairment

Hearing loss or deafness that is genetically transmitted and associated with other inherited diseases or deficits.

correctable visual impairment

Abbreviation: CVI
Any visual deficiency that can be improved with the use of eyeglasses.
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