Culver's root

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Culver's root

1. A perennial herb (Veronicastrum virginicum) native to eastern North America, having whorled leaves and small white or pinkish flowers in slender spikes.
2. The rootstock of this plant, formerly used in medicine as a cathartic and an emetic.
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Culver’s root

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb, the root of which has leptandrin, resin, saponins, tannins and volatile oil; it is laxative, and has been used for chronic indigestion and liver disorders.
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black root

(blak rūt)
Herbal made from Veronicastrum virginicum; foul-tasting, used as an emetic and cathartic; purported value in therapy for hepatic and biliary disorders. Hepatotoxicity reported.
Synonym(s): Culver's root, high veronica, physic root, tall speedwell, veronica.
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If you don't know culver's root but have grown veronica, think of culver's root as a veronica on steroids: bigger, showier and more robust.
Although most culver's root plants have white flowers, you may be able to find some varieties with pale pink or lavender blossoms.
Oh, and in case you're wondering: culver's root owes its common name to an 18th century physician, Dr.