A proprietary product used to screen for group A streptococci; it doesn't differentiate between sick and merely colonized carriers
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Surface wipe samples were obtained using a BBL culturette (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ) with a sterile rayon-tipped swab that was moistened with a modified Stuart's transport medium before sampling one square inch of surface area.
Eichenfield, adding that it's fairly easy to obtain a specimen with a toothbrush, cotton swab, or bacterial culturette.
During 2001-02 we also collected one nasal swab sample from each elk using either the Baxter Healthcare Culturette System (Deerfield, Illinois, USA) or the Becton/Dickinson BBL CultureSwab (Sparks, Maryland, USA) for bacteria and virus isolations.
The swab specimen may also be inserted into a culturette system and transported to a laboratory.
"They kind of scoop the crust out and put it in the culturette. Or, if there's debris on the surface, they may try to swab the debris."
Cultivo viral nervioso Liquido cefalorra- Frasco esteril meningitis quideo refrigerado (enterovirus) Materia fecal Culturette Escobillon rectal (Herpes) Biopsia cerebral si Medio de cultivo EMEM es para HSV (Eagle minimal essential medium) b.
Comparison of aerobic culturette, synovial membrane biopsy, and blood culture medium in detection of canine bacterial arthritis.
Mini-Tip Culturette kits (Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems, Cockeysville, MD, USA) were used for sample collection.
Male urethral specimens are collected using rayon swabs (MiniTip CULTURETTE [TM] DIRECT; Becton Dickinson).
The culturette consisted of a plastic tube containing a sterile polyester-tipped swab and a small glass ampoule of transport medium.
Evaluation of the Culturette brand 10-minute group A strep ID technique.
A sample was taken from the ventral conjunctival fornix of one randomly selected eye of each bird with a microtip culturette swab (BactiSwab, Starplex Scientific, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada), taking care to not contaminate the swab tip by touching the eyelid margins or periocular skin.