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Rebecca Malope will play more than a dozen top dates across Britain as part of Africa Oye's contribution to Cultureshock.
Judges will decide which band will get to play at CultureShock Youth Arts Festival in Pickering in July.
Duane Davis, facilities manager and engineer for my radio show "CultureShocks," braved the elements to record several new shows.
On my daily radio show "CultureShocks," I have people on from time to time with whom I disagree (like conservatives David Horowitz, John Fund and Michael Medved).
AU's blog, "The Wall of Separation," should soon be able to accept comments from readers, and my "CultureShocks" radio show will be available by "podcast." (If you don't know what that means, ask any 14-year-old).
The new program is called "Cultureshocks." With some luck, it may be coming soon to a station near you, or failing that, you can check it out on the Internet.