Transracial Adoption

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The adoption, usually of black, biracial or Asian children, usually by white adoptive parents or families
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Besides accusations of physical and sexual abuse, former students of about 100 Indian Residential Schools have charged church bodies and the government with cultural genocide for removal and isolation of children from their families and the suppression of their native language, religion, and culture.
When it comes to America's Indians, he appears 'as the scholarly admirer of Indian character, archaeology and language and as the planner of cultural genocide .
For Tibetans, it is not development or poverty alleviation, it is cultural genocide,'' Gilman said.
While some aboriginals are strong of faith and continue to support the Christian church, many see it as but another agent of cultural genocide.
Complicity in gradual cultural genocide of tribal and indigenous peoples.
A group of Canadian aboriginal leaders who visited Russian indigenous communities in July 1997 described the situation as cultural genocide.
In this pungent volume he charges five centuries of Christian missionaries with complicity in the cultural genocide of American Indians.
During the era of slavery, Black people were victims of a conscious strategy of cultural genocide, which proscribed the practice of virtually all African customs with the exception of music" (200-01).
When Gormley began to move away from the body-cast lead sculptures that were his trademark in the '80s, it was largely a response to the cultural genocide occurring in Africa at that time.
Programming gaps exist--province-wide--in relation to issues specifically affecting Aboriginal people, and Melanie Gould, regional governance coordinator for the Ktunaxa Nation Council, links many of these issues to social problems like cultural genocide, racism, and the Indian residential school system; all issues experienced collectively by the Aboriginal population.
Like the people of Israel, we have followed other gods: the gods of imperialism, the notion of the superiority of some races over others, the institutionalizing of racism, the enacting of policies of assimilation grounded in nothing less than a resolve in cultural genocide," said Hiltz.

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