Transracial Adoption

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The adoption, usually of black, biracial or Asian children, usually by white adoptive parents or families
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During the cultural genocide in Afghanistan, the Taliban regime banned all means of entertainment including public dancing such as Attan that had long been an emblem of Afghan tradition.
'I just don't see how Brussels squares inking an enormous trade deal with China - a country engaged in cultural genocide against its Uighur population - and a more recent deal with Vietnam - which ranks lower than Cambodia in Freedom House scores - and maintaining any credibility with the contention that it is applying any sort of consistent set of standards.
The group, in a letter addressed to Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin, warned that its ruling would lead to an "imminent cultural genocide."
In 2015, Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission called that practice a "cultural genocide."
Tanggol Wika branded SC's dismissal of their motion for reconsideration as "cultural genocide," as it vowed to file another appeal.
"According to the resolution, "cultural genocide of Armenian "Christian heritage" is allegedly committed in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic"."
It said: "I support many of those that take a stand against ethnic and cultural genocide. Luca Traini, Anders Breivik, Dylan Roof, Anton Lundin Pettersson, Darren Osbourne etc."
The book is at its best when describing the role the Cowdry Brothers Bank played in the lives of small-town farmers and merchants and when discussing the tragedies endured by the Blackfoot, including the slaughter of the buffalo, smallpox and cholera epidemics, the 1876 Indian Act, and cultural genocide.
Lemkin referred to as 'cultural genocide' (Docker 2008:82) be
Saudi deployed its vast army of twitter bots to accuse Canada of engineering a "cultural genocide" against its indigenous people.
In 1912, he won two Olympic gold medals representing the US while his citizenship went unrecognised during a period of cultural genocide for Native Americans.

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