Transracial Adoption

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The adoption, usually of black, biracial or Asian children, usually by white adoptive parents or families
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There is a cultural genocide going on because they are trying to attack our language and close our schools," he concluded.
No, I noted, making pizza or spaghetti in the United States is not cultural genocide, unless the US were to occupy Italy and then claim these foods as "American".
Truth and reconciliation, residential schools, cultural genocide and systemic racism are difficult topics that we, as Canadians, are grappling with as we acknowledge our history and our painful relationship with Indigenous peoples.
Hilton's parents and grandparents attended residential schools, which are widely viewed as instruments of cultural genocide, an attempt to erase indigenous culture.
Download Parties, officials take part in Armenian genocide gathering in Antelias Bassil: There is a cultural genocide attempt against our identity via systematic demographic changes NNA - Youth sectors of the three Armenian parties, Tashnag, Hanshak and Ramgavar, organized a gathering on Sunday evening at the Armenian Catholic Orthodox Church of the House of Kilikia in Antelias, as part of the activities marking the 120th commemoration of the Armenian genocide.
Among the topics are the cultural contingency of the human right to freedom of religion, the protection of community culture as part of human rights in international law, the recognition and enforcement of collective cultural rights in Asia, the international legal framework for enforcing cultural rights, and from genocide to persecution: cultural genocide and contemporary international criminal law.
In permitting this, we become accomplices in our own cultural genocide.
This was) cultural genocide, I think there could possibly be a treatment, a cure, but it's going to take another hundred years to try and find a treatment or a cure for it, it's possible.
I felt this war was not just about the horrific crimes Isis was committing against people, but it was also a war on their history, a sort of cultural genocide.
described for what it was: a policy of cultural genocide.
Even former Prime Minister Paul Martin called residential schools a form of cultural genocide, but this is not the end of the debate.
Still others might find the phrase cultural genocide as opening up an analytical space for clarifying different forms of genocide.

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