cultural anthropology

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cul·tur·al an·thro·pol·o·gy

study of all aspects of culture resulting from human behavior, including, among others, speech and language, systems of thought, social systems, and the artifacts produced by a culture.
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Cultural anthropologists, too, have emphasized the importance of social relations, such as division of labor, social status, and household arrangements, in determining the nature of family life and child well-being.
The autoethnographer is nothing like the cultural anthropologist, whom Vidich and Lyman describe as a self-defined newcomer to the habitat and life world of his or her subjects (41).
She analyzes how producers and users of visual culture, such as photographers, filmmakers, historians, politicians, and cultural anthropologists, work to dramatize or displace risk, how they invest risk with meaning, and how they make risk more psychically manageable.
Through its proprietary global network of 2,500 cultural anthropologists and its Customer Contact Zone(TM) assessment methodology, Carton Donofrio Partners uncovers the customer's point of view, as well as the cultural context for the customer relationship.
New insights into the tabletop consumer, discovered by eight tabletop company representatives and the two cultural anthropologists they worked with, coincided with the overall conference theme of "Brands: The Consumer Connection.
In his position, Lockwood oversaw the survey research and manages a team of cultural anthropologists who examine differences in social relationships at various life stages.
Social and cultural anthropologists explore cultural meaning and values attached to conceptions of clean and dirty, purity and impurity, and healthy and unhealthy as they manifest in urban environments.
The two cultural anthropologists who guided the team's research were fascinated that eight competitors could work together on future opportunities in the industry, Everton said.
Context's approach combines the qualitative research skills of cultural anthropologists, the creativity of professional designers and the communications and business strategy of marketing experts.
social and cultural anthropologists and sociologists at the US Institute for Scientific Analysis and the US National Institute of Health, interviewed 300 ordinary young people in San Francisco who attended raves, as well as DJs and promoters, to understand how they view the dance scene, how they portray their role in it, the meanings they attach to their involvement and their use of drugs, the element of pleasure, the role of alcohol, polydrug use, the awareness of the negative effects of drugs, and issues of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity, with a chapter focusing on Asian Americans.
Using its proprietary global network of cultural anthropologists to conduct the qualitative study, the information is based on actual observations of consumer behaviors rather than their self-reported behaviors.
Norton-Smith (philosophy, Kent State University-Stark) draws on the work of contemporary analytic philosopher Nelson Goodman and other contemporary writers and philosophers, as well as the writings of early ethnographers and cultural anthropologists and early narrative told or written by Indians, to develop a reconstruction of American Indian philosophy.

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