cultural anthropology

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cul·tur·al an·thro·pol·o·gy

study of all aspects of culture resulting from human behavior, including, among others, speech and language, systems of thought, social systems, and the artifacts produced by a culture.
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Actually, this charge of bias is applicable to the cultural anthropologists (CA) themselves, using the same criteria to judge them as they use against scientists and in particular against Napoleon Chagnon, an evolutionary anthropologist who lived with and wrote about the Yanomamo tribes in Venezuela and northern Brazil.
Cultural anthropologists have argued that gender is a key organizing principle of social relations, influencing both sex and reproduction.
It will be most appreciated by film theorists, cultural anthropologists and cinema studies students.
Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the conference attracted political scientists, economists, cultural anthropologists, sociologists, and a nursing instructor.
On the other side, restricting the religious content to a set of objective social symbols, as earlier sociologists and cultural anthropologists used to do, leaves us nothing but the scaffolding of the living act.
My thesis is that Sterling Brown was a postmodern ethnographer who by the 1940s had pioneered solutions to three major problems with which today's cultural anthropologists are grappling: (1) what form ethnographic writing should take, (2) what methodology can result in competent ethnographies of non-hegemonic, oral-based cultures, and (3) what ways the authority of native informants can be acknowledged in ethnographies.
As cultural anthropologists, the researchers encountered populations in which health problems were often linked to the wearing of tight shoes.
took cultural anthropologists to task in Custer Died for Your Sins (1969), the most common response to such criticism was "it goes with the territory.
While demonstrating how helpful to the discussion of the late Middle Ages approaches developed by cultural anthropologists can be, Beckwith also treats Middle English works with tact and learning.
Cultural ecology, one of the most vigorous and visible statements on castification coming from cultural anthropologists, has paradoxically evolved into a kind of cultural determinism (Foley, 1991; Trueba, 1988b, 1991, 1993a).
He was raised in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, his itinerant life due to the chosen professional fields of his parents, cultural anthropologists Victor Turner and Mary Douglas.
Do we all recognize that tartan plaid (which fills the racks at K-mart each fall and in all likelihood is seen as ideologically "uninflected" by the majority of consumers of flannel shirts) is considered by certain cultural anthropologists to embody the Modernist ideal of "abstraction" with a social axis?

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