Cultural Explosion

A constellation of events that occurred ± 40,000 years ago in early humans, which was characterised by the development of complex social networks, which allowed the rapid dissemination of new knowledge in the form of tool-making, killing animals, and gathering edible plants
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IT'S time to get ready to paint the town green for the cultural explosion that is the jampacked St Patrick's Festival.
Woodstock was the catalyst for a musical and cultural explosion around the globe that continues to resonate with musicians and music lovers worldwide.
Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival is an exciting three-week cultural explosion of Caribbean music, cuisine, revelry as well as visual and performing arts.
We were more interested in eating fresh eggs than being in the midst of a cultural explosion.
We have reached a cultural explosion, especially in production and in distribution, the individual having facilitated access to all the cultural goods, being able to choose the manner in which he/she wishes to fulfill his/her cultural needs.
Understanding that there was a 'dichotomy where emerging artists could create with the same technology that allowed pirating,' the directors decided to embrace the cultural explosion.
If the cultural explosion took place early in the hypothesized time frame, that is, around 5000 BCE, then this timing is relatively consistent with the often-criticized creation date of 4004 BCE.
A cultural explosion of equal magnitude took place in 1974 when boxing legends Muhammad Ali and George Foreman came together in Zaire for the Rumble in the Jungle.
The church and the Methodist Centre continues to witness to the wider community in Liverpool's cultural explosion from 1960s up until the present day and beyond.
The 1960s saw the cultural explosion of pop music and the hall was soon playing host to Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Newcastle's own Animals, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Kinks and Marianne Faithful.
Israel is also experiencing a remarkable cultural explosion in virtually every area of the arts--something also driven, in part, by its sudden thrust into the world and the multicultural base that has developed inside the country itself.
His first big attention-getters, Labyrinth of Passion, Dark Habits (set in a convent of drug-dealing lesbian nuns), and the pan-sexual thriller Law of Desire, focus with documentarian precision on the cultural explosion in Madrid during the decade known as La Movida, a sexually freewheeling, druggy, political uprising that rocked Spain after the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.

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