Cultural Explosion

A constellation of events that occurred ± 40,000 years ago in early humans, which was characterised by the development of complex social networks, which allowed the rapid dissemination of new knowledge in the form of tool-making, killing animals, and gathering edible plants
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It coincided with the intellectual and cultural explosion between the 14th to 17th centuries, known as the Renaissance.
Art on the Vine is one of the first major multicultural events that focuses solely on emerging and mid-career African-American artists and brings together art appreciators, collectors, up-and-coming artists, institutions, and the merely curious for this cultural explosion. This event introduces attendees to the next wave of important artists and provides access to their artwork before it becomes out of reach.
And the Peaky Blinders creator claims that this shifting political focus is just further evidence that the moment is right for 'a real cultural explosion in Birmingham'.
And he claims that this shifting political focus is just further evidence that the moment is right for 'a real cultural explosion in Birmingham'.
This counterculture created a cultural explosion. Although many believe these countercultures were in opposition to the corporate world, in reality they were in opposition to conservative attitudes held within many corporations.
The Merseyside attraction will bring a cultural explosion and celebration of music, fashion, steamboats, trains, and even pirates to the city.
IT'S time to get ready to paint the town green for the cultural explosion that is the jampacked St Patrick's Festival.
Central to the volume as a whole is the permeability of boundaries between sanity and madness, or neurosis and psychosis, and how they were crossed and recrossed as part of the cultural explosion called "Vienna 1900." Refreshing and original are two aspects of the volume: the broad range of topics on the cultural side, including contributions from the history of art, architecture, music, and literature, and the corresponding breadth of perspectives from medical history, going beyond Freud's psychoanalysis.
Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival is an exciting three-week cultural explosion of Caribbean music, cuisine, revelry as well as visual and performing arts.
We were more interested in eating fresh eggs than being in the midst of a cultural explosion.
We have reached a cultural explosion, especially in production and in distribution, the individual having facilitated access to all the cultural goods, being able to choose the manner in which he/she wishes to fulfill his/her cultural needs.

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