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Thomas S., U.S. gynecologist, 1868-1953. See: Cullen sign.
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According to the charges, Cullen is alleged to have sold the goods at CEX branches in Ranelagh Street and London Road, Liverpool, Cash Converters in Birkenhead and Cash Generators in Kensington on various dates between February and June last year.
Shamed Cullen returned to the High Court in Glasgow after pleading guilty to two charges of using lewd and libidinous conduct.
The judge added Cullen had not expressed remorse nor contrition for murdering his wife in a "ferocious and sustained attack" using two fishing knives.
As with all of our services, Cullen International's aim is to provide clients with the right level of detailed analysis, clarifying the complex and summarising the key points in a straightforward way.
Cullen labels Eastwood an "Ambivalent Wanderer" who is "Tending the Flock"(17).
Owner Kai Lui carried out a citizen's arrest on Cullen, who admitted arson with intent to endanger life last month and appeared yesterday for sentence after reports.
Cullen, who started out as an apprentice with Willie Stephenson in 1956, later recalled: "In those days a bottomweight might just carry 7st or even less when ridden by an apprentice so the likes of myself, Mick Greening, Ray Reader and Tommy Carter were always in demand when a trainer lined one up for a touch.
Husband Peter Cullen and the couple's children have pleaded for information to help trace her.
Described as a "staunch socialist", Cullen represented the Labour Party as a community councillor and had stints as an Independent and also as a member of Plaid Cymru.
Cullen believed he was helping the patients he killed, easing their pain and poisoning them with digoxen, a drug used to treat heart failure, heart pain and irregular heartbeat, notes "60 Minutes.
Cullen was riding his bike when he heard the young girl's cries for help.
Convicted drug dealer Cullen, who was a close associate of slain gangland boss Eamon Dunne, died at the scene despite frantic efforts by paramedics to save his life.