Culicoides furens

Cu·li·coi·des fu·'rens

species that is a vector of Mansonella ozzardi, in the West Indies.


a large genus of biting midges belonging to the family Ceratopogonidae. They act as vectors of bluetongue, ephemeral fever, Akabane virus of cattle, epizootic hemorrhagic disease of deer, and African horse sickness and many are intermediate hosts of filarioid nematodes.
Many are causes of cutaneous hypersensitivity in horses (Queensland or sweet itch)—C. brevitarsis, C. imicola, C. insignis, C. lupicaris, C. obsoletus, C. pulicaris, C. punctatus, C. spinosus, C. stellifer, C. varipennis.

Culicoides brevitarsis (Culicoides robertsi)
one of the vectors of bluetongue virus and causes hypersensitivity to its bite. Called also Queensland itch. See also sweet itch.
Culicoides furens
intermediate host of Mansonella ozzardi.
Culicoides grahami
intermediate host of Dipetalonema perstans and D. streptocerca.
Culicoides nubeculosus
intermediate host of Onchocerca cervicalis.
Culicoides pungens
intermediate host of Onchocerca gibsoni.
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