Culex pipiens

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Cu·lex pi·'pi·ens

a subspecies complex of the abundant polytypic species, the brown house mosquito or rainbarrel mosquito of temperate climates, which breeds commonly in standing water, especially in artificial containers, and has a 5- to 6-day cycle under optimal conditions; closely related forms are found in tropical areas.

Culex pipiens

The common house mosquito; it serves as a vector of several illnesses, including Wuchereria bancrofti and West Nile virus.
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a genus of mosquitoes found throughout the world; cause insect worry and many species transmit various infectious agents, e.g. microfilariae, apicomplexan parasites and viruses, such as those of Japanese encephalitis and equine encephalomyelitis.

Culex pipiens
transmits the virus of fowlpox.
Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus
a serious pest of poultry and carrier of a number of poultry diseases.
Culex tarsalis
transmits western equine encephalomyelitis.
Culex tritaeniohynchus
transmits Japanese encephalitis virus.
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