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Cigar smoking is linked to cancers of the oral cavity (lip, tongue, mouth, throat), oesophagus, larynx, lung, and possibly pancreas
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A sanctuary for the true cigar aficionado, only Cuban cigars are served at the Fairmont's Cigar Bar.
Within the top five largest importers of cigars worldwide, Lebanon is the largest market for Cuban cigars in the Middle East and La Casa del Habano at the Beirut Airport Duty Free is the No.
The store offers a wide range of Cuban cigars, including limited and special editions, as well as a large selection of pipes and tobacco, and smokers' requisites.
In fact, President Kennedy asked on of his aides, the writer and journalist Pierre Salinger, to buy as many Cuban Cigars as he could get -urgently and secretly.
The most expensive Cuban cigars, currently the Cohiba Behike, can cost upward of $69 each in Europe and Canada.
But since I was a solid Cuban cigar smoker, I knew a lot of stores.
Master cigar roller Berta Corzo, from Havana, showed off her skills as part of a three-day visit to the Cuban Cigar Club on Newcastle's Grainger Street.
Carrying his trademark large Cuban cigar and a "Bombay Bad Boy" Pot Noodle, he read extracts from Shakespeare's Richard III before entering the court building.
He came dressed in white as Boss Hogg from US series The Dukes of Hazzard, with trademark Cuban cigar in a Ford stretch limo, chauffeur and "researcher" Claire Smith.
Additionally, a combination of the two firms would enable Imperial to get its hands on Altadis's Cuban cigar business, which includes brands such as Montecristo and Romeoy Julieta and has a strong presence in North America.