cubic centimeter

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 (cm) [sen´tĭ-me″ter]
one hundredth (10−2) of a meter.
cubic centimeter (cm3) (cc) a unit of capacity, being that of a cube each side of which measures 1 cm; equal to 1 mL.

cu·bic cen·ti·me·ter (cm3, cc, c.c.),

Although the SI unit of volume is the cubic meter and, by extension, the cubic centimeter (1 cm3 = 0.000 001 m3), the liter and its submultiples are preferred to the cubic meter and its submultiples for the expression of volumes and substance or mass concentrations in clinical chemistry. For practical purposes, 1 cm3 = 1 mL. The JCAHO directs that the abbreviation cc not be used because, when handwritten, it can easily be mistaken for U, units, or the numeral 4.
One thousandth of a liter; 1 mL.

cu·bic cen·ti·me·ter

(cc) (kyū'bik sen'ti-mē-tĕr)
One thousandth of a liter; 1 milliliter.
Synonym(s): cubic centimetre.