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Occurrence of such topography means that cracking proceeded not in one crystallographic plane, but it jumped from one plane to another by shearing or creating secondary cracks in their separating walls.
The incorporation of the smallest amount of [beta]-quinacridone led to a strong peak intensity increase, at 2 theta angle 16.9[degrees], which corresponded to (040) crystallographic plane. No evidence of the polypropylene [beta]-phase, usually observed at 16.2[degrees], was noted.
Additionally, the structure and stability of the complex formation onto Ti[O.sub.2] surface are also fine-tuned by the crystallographic plane, accessibility to Ti ions, type of organic ligands, and pH.
Since they form within solid austenite on preferred crystallographic planes, these platelets will assume an angular relationship (in three dimensions) of 120[degrees] to each other within a given austenite grain.
These authors also theorized that there may, in fact, be no definable crystallographic plane of initial foliation of each layer in that the foliar crystals are not planar on top when viewed in both surface and cross-sectional electron micrographs.
The SAED pattern (Figure 4(d)) appears as systematic spots corresponding to the (200), (202), and (002) crystallographic planes of a single crystalline nanorod of cubic AgSb[S.sub.2] (JCPDS number 17-0456) [5], with the [0-10] as zone axis.
To describe the damage process in a crystallographic plane, a schematic representation of the concepts involved is given in Fig.
presents another structure parameter which may be detected from the WAXS diffractograms, where [DELTA][theta] is the width at the half height, and [theta] is the Bragg's angle for the corresponding crystallographic plane (hkl).
These are (i) 7.597 [Angstrom] on the equatorial representing (110) crystallographic planes and (ii) 13.16 [Angstrom] on the equatorial representing (300) crystallographic planes, respectively.
These correspond to the [beta]3(010), [alpha](001), [alpha](200)/[beta](200) and [alpha](020)/[beta](001) crystallographic planes, respectively.
WAXD pole figures provided quantitative evaluation of the level of biaxial orientation of crystallographic planes. Cu[K.sub.[alpha]] X-ray radiation with a wavelength ([lambda]) of 1.54178[Angstrom] was generated by means of a General Electric (GE) copper target generator at 30 kV and 30 mA.
which are calculated from the pole intensity distributions of specific crystallographic planes.