crystal structure

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crys·tal struc·ture

the arrangement in space and the interatomic distances and angles of the atoms in crystals, usually determined by x-ray diffraction measurements.
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In methane hydrate, the gas molecules are not chemically bound to the water molecules but are instead trapped within their crystalline lattice.
Another fact observed in the XRD patterns was the gradual shrinkage of all of the peaks with increase of Nb concentration in Ti[O.sub.2] powder, attributed to the substitution of Nb in the Ti[O.sub.2] crystalline lattice. Thus, considering the peak 2[theta] = 48[degrees] plane (2 0 0), it is found that the surface modification did not change the results obtained by XRD.
Hence, these changes might be associated directly to the [Cu.sup.2+] atoms substitution (disorder effect), promoting mainly surface changes due to the deformation of the CdS crystalline lattice [27, 42].
Therefore, [epsilon] can produce defects and structural distortions in the nanocrystal, for example, shrinking in the crystalline lattice constants.
A portion of this quantum light is deflected off the central channel by crystalline lattice structures at the top of the head which act as a beam splitter.
In 2010, Hiroshi Kitagawa from Japan's Kyoto University and colleagues fabricated a "solid-solution alloy" (involving the addition of the atoms of one element to the crystalline lattice of the other in a high-temperature reaction) from two neighbour elements of Pd in the periodic table, silver (Ag) and rhodium (Rh).
The ZS-9 insoluble, non-absorbed zirconium silicate traps potassium ions with its three-dimensional crystalline lattice structure.
The web of dislocations is caused by lithium penetration of the crystalline lattice.
WAXD provides information about crystalline structure and was used to examine the blends for POSS aggregation and provide more precise information on the crystalline lattice. The WAXD spectra of POSS and blends arc shown in Fig.
Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms densely packed in a honeycomb crystalline lattice configuration.