crystal structure

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crys·tal struc·ture

the arrangement in space and the interatomic distances and angles of the atoms in crystals, usually determined by x-ray diffraction measurements.
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"The crystal structures of [CuInSe.sub.2] and [CuInTe.sub.2]", Materials Research Bulletin, Vol.
The crystal structures of two thiadiazole compounds were analyzed using X-ray diffraction method.
It is the special crystal structures that provide nylons such outstanding performances, and the properties strongly depend on the crystal structures.
Korter's new research combines THz experiments with new computational models that accurately account for the effects of the London dispersion forces to predict crystal structures of various substances.
With respect to PVdF, its crystal structures are roughly classified into I-form, II-form, and III-form.
The tiny beta-sheet crystals, as well as filaments that join them, are arranged in a structure that resembles a tall stack of pancakes, but with the crystal structures within each pancake alternating in their orientation.
Chemists and physicists explain techniques by which nuclear magnetic resonance imaging can provide illuminate the disposition of atoms in the unit cells of crystals, and can ferret out information about the crystal structures that is inaccessible by diffraction methods.
According to the paper, the researchers established the structural basis of PDE4 regulation through crystal structures of the PDE4 regulatory domain in contact with small molecules.
The bond lengths of the 3-nitrophenolate moiety were statistically the same in the two crystal structures, showing that it is not affected by the cation.
Astex scientists have published on the crystal structures of human isoforms 2C9 and 3A4 in the world-leading scientific journals Nature and Science(1).
AIST and Tohoku have clearly identified the initial nucleation followed by growth of quantum dot crystals, and moreover clarified the relationship between crystal structures in nucleation and growth, and the optical absorption spectra with the technique of computational chemistry.
"It's incredibly high pressure." The intensity can change a rock's looks and texture, and rearrange crystal structures to form new minerals in the rock.