Crystal Therapy

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The use of certain crystals, in particular quartz, as therapeutic vehicles. There is no evidence in peer-reviewed studies that crystal therapy has any effect
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The New Age element comes to the fore when Milo, exploring the island with Kida, learns the exciting news that Crystal Power provides the energy source for the continent.
A small group of Roman Catholic parents whose children attended the Bedford schools claimed that various elementary and secondary school activities were promoting "Satanism and occultism, pagan religions and a New Age Spirituality." The specific activities targeted in the suit involved a Ganesha figure, worry dolls, crystal power, Buddha and Quetzalcoatl, "messed-up" poetry, Reverend Weber, D.A.R.E., a magic card game, a cemetery visit, Yoga breathing, meditation, peer facilitators, and Earth Day.
Computer users are already tapping into crystal power, using malachite to absorb the negative energies from their terminals.
Physically, NaCN is in the form of crystal power. It dissolves easily in water and partially in alcohol.
At this period in time the "crystal power" fad was at its peak, and to enthusiasts of that persuasion a quartz poster was probably highly appealing.
Pictures: ROY KILCULLEN; CRYSTAL POWER: Kay Challenor uses a crystal as part of therapy
Crystal power. One of the other teachers at Pound Ridge invited Harvey Brickman, the self-professed "Rock Hound," to speak to some of the fourth-grade classes.
And there was a huge quantity of quartz in all sizes, shapes and designs, catering to the "crystal power" or metaphysical movement which was still in full swing.
If I tried I'm pretty sure I could become a believer in crystal power. In fact I might already be one.
Get your message across this coming Valentine's Day with a Crystal Power Heart.