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A., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Wolf-Orton bodies.
A regional term for PCP


a wild member of the family Canidae. A brownish-gray dog which resembles a German Shepherd dog with a long nose and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity as a hunter of game. Called also Canis lupus, other species Canis rufus (red wolf).

wolf teeth
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The Barnardo's children charity are not known for crying wolf or using excessive language to highlight the issues facing some of our poorest families.
If companies are crying wolf to slip extra cash into their pockets, the government must slap on a Fat Cat tax to subsidise bills.
Savage has been involved in so many incidents that when he pleads innocence it's like the little boy crying wolf.
Dib knows Zim's origins, but the other kids in school have wearied of his crying wolf.
Mr Prescott should explain to his people that crying wolf means pretending something is worse than it is.
The boyfriend of a woman who drove herself off a cliff thought she was crying wolf when she sent text messages saying she was going to kill herself, an inquest has heard.
Since riverside wards have access to many additional and substantial funds, Labour councillors are crying wolf.
However, Lavin acknowledged earlier this week that Watson's maladies had a Crying Wolf quality to them.
But by crying wolf over the past fortnight, Blair is unlikely to get away with playing Lord Lucan next August.
I can assure you - I've operated power systems for 23 years - there is no crying wolf here: Everyone on the board is interested in keeping the lights on,'' said Kellan Fluckiger, chief operating officer for the ISO.