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I believe it was a cry for help. Tragically that help was delayed." Addressing Rojene's mother and stepfather Mark Cahill, Mrs Brocklehurst said: "I have no words to express how sad I am that you are here."
Lough Swilly RNLI member Joe Joyce, who took part in the rescue, said it was amazing how John had been able to hear the fisherman's cry for help over such a distance.
Cry for help: Anthony Hollis plunged 60 feet at the Bullring just days after being the victim of doorstep conmen.
The 33-year-old was on the sea front promenade at Seaburn, Sunderland, when she heard a cry for help from someone and went down to the beach to help.
But on the flip side, there's the recent story of how Demi Moore and a few others managed to stop a fellow tweeter from committing suicide, by responding to his cry for help.
Mr Owen, who lives in Blackpool, said: "I begged them to look after him, he was doing this as a cry for help and no one listened..
A DEPRESSED woman who set fire to her own home in a drunken "cry for help" has been spared prison.
CRY FOR HELP: Sharon Mevsimler is demanding more NHS assistance I WISH to convey my utter disgust at the article on the 42-stone woman who says she's being left to die.
A mum who took an overdose of painkillers may have been doing it as a 'cry for help', an inquest heard.
A former car worker held up a building-society cashier at knifepoint in a desperate cry for help, a court heard.
Matthews, 41, may have been making a "cry for help", said Greater Suffolk coroner Dr Peter Dean at an inquest yesterday.