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Others include Bufferin, Doan's, Comtrex, Nupercainal and Cruex.
Under the alliance Emerson Group will provide sales and marketing services starting January 1 for the following Novartis Consumer Health brands: Keri (skin lotion), Vagistat (vaginal antifungal ointment), NoDoz (caffeine alertness aid), Comtrex (cold/cough/flu caplets), Bufferin and Ascriptin (buffered aspirin), Desenex (athlete's foot topical antifungal), Doan's (back pain reliever), Mineral Ice (pain relief gel), PerDiem (laxative), Myoflex (arthritis/muscle pain relief cream), Nupercainal (hemorrhoidal analgesic ointment), Cruex (jock itch antifungal spray/powder), Tavist (allergy relief tablets) and Slow-FE (iron supplement).
Some of its well-known brands are Benefiber, Maalox, Gas-X, Ex-Lax, LamisilAT, Desenex, Cruex, Triaminic, Theraflu, Tavist, Habitrol, Slow Fe and Transderm Scop.
Our third core category is dermatologicals, in which we market such leading consumer brands as LamisilAT [an antifungal switched from prescription to O-T-C status], Desenex and Cruex," Mazzacone notes.
The supplier's third core O-T-C category is dermatologicals, in which it offers such leading brands as Lamisil AT (a prescription-to-O-T-C-switch antifungal), Desenex and Cruex.
Novartis also owns the Desenex and Cruex brands of O-T-C antifungals.
The acquisition also placed such products as Desenex foot care products, Allerest allergy medicine and Cruex antifungals in Ciba's product line-up.