cruciate ligament

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cruciate ligament

ligamentum cruciatum genus Sports anatomy Either of 2 major ligaments which form a cross in the knee joint, ensuring proper movement; the anterior CL is more susceptible to injury and rupture than the posterior, which is deeper in the joint. See Anterior cruciate ligament injury.

cruciate ligament

1. The ligament of the ankle passing transversely across the dorsum of the foot that holds tendons of the anterior muscle group in place.
2. A cross-shaped ligament of the atlas consisting of the transverse ligament and superior and inferior bands, the former passing upward and attaching to the margin of the foramen magnum, the latter passing downward and attaching to the body of the atlas.
3. Either of two ligaments of the knee, the anterior (from the posterior femur to the anterior tibia), and the posterior (from the anterior femur to posterior tibia). They provide rotary stability for the knee and prevent displacement of the tibia. Synonym: cruciform ligament See: anterior cruciate ligament


A torn cruciate ligament causes instability and pain in the knee. The type of instability depends on which cruciate ligament is damaged.


Arthroscopic surgery is usually necessary to repair torn cruciate ligaments. Sometimes open surgery, or arthrotomy, is necessary for particularly complex repairs.

See also: ligament


1. a band of fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages, serving to support and strengthen joints.
2. a double layer of peritoneum extending from one visceral organ to another.
3. cordlike remnants of fetal tubular structures that are nonfunctional after birth.
The injury suffered when a joint is wrenched with sufficient violence to stretch or tear the ligaments is called a sprain. For a complete list of named ligaments in the body, see Table 12. See also ligamentum.

accessory ligament
one that strengthens or supports another.
ligament arteriosum
fibrous remnant of the ductus arteriosus.
broad ligament
the peritoneal folds by which the uterus is suspended from the wall of the abdomen and pelvis.
capsular ligament
the fibrous layer of a joint capsule.
cruciate ligament
a pair of ligaments which cross over one another, as for example the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments which tie the femur to the tibia.
median ligament of the bladder
a fold of peritoneum attaching the urinary bladder and urachus to the ventral abdominal wall.
pectinate ligament
a comb-like ligament at the iridocorneal angle.
phrenicocardial ligament
the continuation of the pericardial sac as a ligament attaching to the diaphragm; attaches to the sternum in species where the heart axis is less oblique.
round ligament of the bladder
remnants of the umbilical arteries and their mesenteries in the lateral ligaments of the urinary bladder.
round ligament of the liver
remnants of the umbilical veins found in the falciform ligament in young animals, and the adults of some species.
round ligament of the uterus
part of the gubernaculum of the female extending from the proper ligament of the ovary to the inguinal canal; in some species, e.g. dog, the ligament passes through the inguinal canal and is incriminated in the development of metrocele.
scrotal ligament
vestige of the gubernaculum testis of the fetus; connects the dartos surrounding the testicle to the vaginal tunic of the scrotum.
ligament splitting
a surgical procedure used in horses to stimulate vascularity of a diseased tendon. Through a single key-hole access incision, a series of fan-like incisions are made in the longitudinal axis of the tendon with a special knife.
sutural ligament
a band of fibrous tissue between the opposed bones of a suture or immovable joint.
ligament of the tail of the epididymis
a mesenchymal ligamentous caudal extension of the gubernaculum; a cord which binds the tail of the epididymis to the tunica vaginalis.
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