Crozat appliance


George B., U.S. dentist, 1876–.
Crozat appliance - orthodontic appliance.
Crozat clasp - dental appliance clasp.
Crozat dental orthopedics
Crozat philosophy
Crozat removable orthodontic appliance
Crozat therapy
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Cro·zat ap·pli·ance

(krōzat ă-plīăns)
A wrought-wire removable orthodontic device.
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To develop its members' skills through education and clinical training; to improve occlusion consistent with accepted gnathologic concepts by use of the Crozat appliance and other orthopedic and orthodontic appliances.
The Crozat appliance has been used in arch development for many years with great success.
The Crozat appliance, although it is removable, has been used for many years with great success.
Standard Crozat with no auxilliaries and standard quad helix appliances were constructed by Ortek Orthodontic Laboratory (Duarte, CA) on a working model of the photoelastic maxillary model (Figure 1) The Crozat appliance was made with 0.040 in.
These figures revealed the stress patterns produced with the Crozat appliance when activated for 2 mm of expansion were much higher and more concentrated than the stress patterns generated with 2 mm of expansion with the quad helix appliance.
Upon further evaluation of the occlusal figures, the stress patterns produced by the transpalatal activation of the Crozat appliance were uniformly distributed in the anterior and posterior palatal areas.
The Crozat appliance activated 2 mm resulted in a force of 530 gm, while the Quad Helix activated at 2 mm produced a force of 110 gm.
The objective of this study was to analyze the biomechanical and physical effects of the Crozat appliance when activated for transverse palatal expansion, and to compare these effects with the biomechanical and physical characteristics of the Quad Helix appliance.
Research is lacking in the area of biomechanics of the Crozat appliance. Most of the research performed with the Crozat appliance addresses case reports and clinical discussions.
The forces resulting from the activation of a Crozat appliance havw not been reported in the literature.
This is the true virtue of Crozat appliances. Notice the loss of vertical on the starting casts and the good vertical on the finished case.
Differential Diagnosis Treatment Planning and Techniques for The Class I Malocclusion Utilizing Crozat Appliances Doyle Beavers, D.D.S.