Cross Training

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Managed care Multiskilling The acquisition of multiple skills in multiple areas in the lab or in patient management by a worker, often who formerly carried out specialised tasks, thus reversing the trend toward specialization
Pros Short term, cross training solves staffing shortages and often decreases staffing costs
Cons Cross training increases liability, as those performing the services become generalists—‘jacks-of-all-trades’—who are less skilled in specific areas
Sports medicine (1) The regular participation in multiple sports—e.g., basketball and long-distance running—to improve overall fitness
Pros Useful in injured patients who can continue exercising with another sport, while the injured area heals; cross training intensifies training, burns more calories, improves fitness more quickly and safely; uses more muscle groups—e.g., running builds the lower body, swimming the upper—improves flexibility, and prevents overuse injuries
(2) The exercising of muscle groups or participation in a sport differing from an athlete’s primary sport
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Simply speaking, cross training involves moving trainees from one job to another.
She believes cross training relieves the "boredom factor" and can positively impact employee satisfaction if workers understand they're playing a role in the big picture.
And the best news is cross training allows you to continue to exercise even when you are injured, provided you do not work the part of your body which is injured.
Since we know that classically trained singers, in order to produce a strong, full, self-amplified tone, tend to lower the larynx, widen the pharynx (the "open throat"), open the mouth, and lift the soft palate when they sing, cross training here would mean slightly raising the larynx, narrowing the pharynx and mouth opening, and allowing access to the nasopharynx by lowering the soft palate.
I don't think there is a manager out there, whether of a design firm, a circuit board manufacturer or any organization, that is ever satisfied they have adequate cross training or enough backup.
It is important to remember that sending people to work in another department at a moment's notice is not what cross training is about.
But cross training creates a more flexible and responsive organization and makes a manager's job a lot less stressful--the ultimate reward of being lazy.
Our Cross Training DVD brings you the most popular Hollywood classes - kickboxing, cardio sculpt, pilates and yoga - in two fat-busting workouts.
Outdoor customers include people active in hunting, outdoor cross training, hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.
Donohoe received Red Cross training in adult CPR and first aid Aug.
My husband is in the civil engineering career field which is being made smaller because of mandatory cross training and Force Reduction Phase II.
"We achieved great cross training and integration with our reserve counterparts," said Hall.