crop milk

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crop milk

pigeon's milk that is secreted by the epithelium of the CROP (1) and which is fed to nestlings.


1. a saccular diverticulum of the esophagus just anterior to the entrance to the thorax. Present in all domestic birds.
2. domesticated plants sown and harvested for use by humans.
3. a cosmetic surgical procedure carried out on the ears of dogs of certain breeds. See ear cropping.

impaction of the crop in a bird.
small eared.
crop flush
1. treatment of a sick bird by a flushing out, with normal saline via an esophageal tube, of food and debris from the crop.
2. see also crop wash (below).
impacted crop
distention of the crop with undigested food.
crop milk
crumbly material, composed of lipid-laden, desquamated epithelial cells mixed with food, elaborated by both male and female pigeons in the crop and regurgitated to feed the nestlings.
pendulous crop
a condition of domesticated birds in which the crop becomes very distended and full of feed. Sporadic cases only, but there is an inherited predisposition to gross distention in turkeys. Called also impacted crop or crop bound.
crop residues
the remains of a crop after the commercially sought part of it has been harvested, e.g. wheat stubble, pea haulms, oaten straw.
crop wash
used in the differential diagnosis of trichomoniasis and candidiasis and to assess crop flora in birds with regurgitation and other signs referable to upper alimentary tract disease.
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