Leonard W., Jr., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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Media Contact Brian Cronkhite, Burson-Marsteller O: 415.
The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mrs Praxoula Antoniadou had a meeting yesterday at her office with the Director and Deputy Director of US company Noble Energy' in Cyprus, Messrs John Tomich and James Cronkhite respectively.
Painter Donald Cronkhite, who lives in the suburb of Allen Park, said Osten's effort is exciting because "someone is realizing the need for a place like this and is willing to take a chance putting it in Detroit.
Buckley v Cronkhite, 74 Ill App 3d 487, 490-93, 393 NE2d 60, 64-66 (2d D 1979).
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Hiring a financial adviser isn't a bad idea either, said Michael Cronkhite, vice president of wealth management for Stephens Private Client Group of Little Rock.
From ``A Return to Family Picnics,'' by Russell Cronkhite.
In 1955, Cronkhite and Canada described the syndrome that bears their names.
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By Cathy Cronkhite and Jack McCullough; published by McGraw Hill/Osborne Media, 877/833-5524 (phone), 614/759-3749 (fax); 304 pages; $24.