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Drug slang noun A regional term for a combination of crack and methamphetamine
Vox populi verb Slang, to die
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Then the peasant once more pinched the raven's head till he croaked loudly.
The sound of the word, or the current of his own thoughts, suggested to Grip his old phrase 'Never say die!' But he stopped short in the middle of it, drew a dismal cork, and subsided into a faint croak, as if he lacked the heart to get through the shortest sentence.
Who, all the while the deer was breaking up So croaked and cried for it, as all the huntsmen, Especially old Scathlock, thought it ominous; Swore it was Mother Maudlin, whom he met At the day-dawn, just as he roused the deer Out of his lair."
"Now I am quite happy," croaked the terrible old man, with his fierce eyes leering sidelong at the bed.
During my fieldwork with the Batek, one night I was staying up late with Na Srimjam, a Batek friend, when a frog began to croak. This frog's croak sounded a lot like someone breaking wind, causing her to crack up.
MIDWEST CITY -Rose State College has received a $250,000 gift from the Robert Croak Family in support of the student center under construction on campus.
They didn't see the joke, or rather croak, and he was remanded in custody for telling am-fib-ians.
The well-known Beckettian schema of "master-servant", is transferred to the protagonist, a doddery old man named Croak, thus it is presented as a monodrama.
We Croak will remind you that you are going to die.
we croak (iOS, 99p - Android 89p APPARENTLY there is a Bhutanese folk saying that suggests that to be happy a person must contemplate death five times a day.
Meanwhile, it's hats off to Mr Croak and, judging by the one I saw him wearing last - that's probably good advice!