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And based on examination of fossilized skulls, it appears that Cro-Magnon man possessed the necessary physical equipment for speech.
Cro-Magnon man used needles made of bone to stitch animal pelts.
The earliest known treatment of disease - arthritis included - dates back 20,000 years to Cro-Magnon man.
A specialist leads the group to two caves renowned for their multi-colored paintings created 17,000 years ago by Cro-Magnon Man.
The relief is an art form that dates back to the first inscriptions by Cro-Magnon man on cave walls.
In creepy prehistory, when Joe Cro-Magnon Man drew a picture of a mastodon on the wall of a communal cave, Bod Cro-Magnon Man probably told him the ears .
If 45,000 years ago Cro-Magnon man hadn't have looked at the brow of the hill and wondered what lay beyond, then we might all still be in a cave trying to stop the fire going out.
Boris Johnson loves him - he calls him his Cro-Magnon Man," she laughed.