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A tall, slender hominid who first appeared in fossil records ± 30,000 years ago in the European Upper Paleolithic period, named after the cave of Crô-Magnon in southwest France, where the first specimen was found. The term 'European early modern human' is preferred
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Although horses first evolved around 55 million years ago, humans first came into contact with them about 50,000 years ago, when the Cro Magnons began hunting them.
Ayla, who had been adopted and brought up by a Neanderthal tribe, finds the culture of these Cro Magnons as strange and fascinating as they find hers.
It's certainly worth tuning in tomorrow night, if not to see who'll gain supremacy (I wonder), but at least to find out where the Cro Magnons got their pants and achieved such a close shave on their heads.