critical thinking

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ideational mental activity (in contrast to emotional activity); the flow of ideas, symbols, and associations that brings forth concepts and reasons.
autistic thinking self-absorption; preoccupation with inner thoughts, daydreams, fantasies, delusions, drives, and personal logic. It is egocentric, subjective thinking lacking objectivity and preferring a narcissistic, inner, private reality to that with external validity. Used interchangeably with dereistic thinking, although differing in emphasis. Called also autism.
critical thinking a style of reasoning that involves a complex process of reflection and analysis. See accompanying table.
dereistic thinking thinking not in accordance with the facts of reality and experience and following illogical, idiosyncratic reasoning. Used interchangeably with autistic thinking, although not an exact synonym: dereistic emphasizes disconnection from reality and autistic emphasizes preoccupation with inner experience. Called also dereism.
magical thinking that characterized by the belief that thinking or wishing something can cause it to occur.
primary process thinking in psychoanalytic theory, primitive thought processes deriving from the id and marked by illogical form, preverbal content, an emphasis on immediate wish fulfillment, and an equating of thought and action. Such processes are characteristic of childhood and of dreams.
secondary process thinking in psychoanalytic theory, the more sophisticated thought processes, based on logic, obeying the rules of causality, and consistent with external reality. Such processes are characteristic of mature conscious thought.

crit·i·cal think·ing

(krit'i-kăl thingk'ing)
1. The practice of considering all aspects of a situation when deciding what to believe or what to do.
2. nursing Reflective and reasoned thinking, leading to judgments about what to believe or actions to take in any given situation.

critical thinking

1. The ability to interpret argument, evidence, or raw information in a logical and unbiased fashion.
2. The ability to solve complex problems effectively.

Patient care

Critical thinking in clinical settings involves the ability to solve complex problems effectively, using, for example, close observation, communication skills, consensus building, data mining, empathy, experience, logic, mathematics, pattern recognition, and reasoning.

See also: thinking
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39) For instance, the critical thinker may ask of a particular element, Is this accurate?
Back in 2001 I considered it essential that the president be articulate, curious, organized, a critical thinker, hard working and have an appreciation of the issues and challenges facing nursing, consumer groups and health care systems.
A critical thinker is able to "assess the credibility of a source of information," according to one theorist of critical thinking.
Tracing the implications of that discovery, psychologists have found that being a critical thinker in chess is even less likely to improve one's skills in areas that are still more remote from chess, like mathematical problem solving or the ability to think logically about politics.
The acquistion-minded CEO must be a critical thinker and seasoned negotiator.
The terms of this moral mission are developmental and defined by liberal autonomy, self-understanding, democratic citizenship and becoming a critical thinker.
On a personal level, university study is challenging my views, expanding my horizons and is providing me with the ability to develop as a critical thinker.
Frederick Nerone, Founding Dean of the Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business, agrees while noting Johnson's initiative and skills as a critical thinker, researcher and communicator.
As a single mother, Kathleen raised daughter Heather, now 27 and a mother of two, to be a critical thinker.
Sample chapter topics include: toward a philosophy of corporate transformation strategies, the CEO as a critical thinker of simple strategic problems, and the CEO as a strategic leader with a shared personal and corporate vision.

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