Critical Mass

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Radiation safety The minimum amount of material—mass of a particular radioisotope—required for it to reach ‘criticality’ and undergo a spontaneous fission chain reaction, releasing a lethal shower of neutron and gamma radiation
Research A popular term for the minimum number of persons working in related fields in a particular place, below which creative thinking and interaction may be suboptimal
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In addition, IPNI reported the percentage of soils below the critical level, a key measurement in evaluating soil productivity, increased from 47% in 2005 to 55% in 2010.
Mentally, she is at a critical level, which would suggest an inability to focus.
Why does a problem always have to reach a critical level before our politicians take any action?
Wales is on Critical Level I alert after four bombs ripped through the London Underground and destroyed a bus last Thursday.
A manufacturing hold-up means supply of the drug is limited and could a reach critical level within weeks.
But an emergency team is on hand to smash open the ice with axes if his body temperature drops to a critical level.
In recent years, the analysis of massive amounts of data has reached a critical level for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
Overnight the level of the Danube at Silistra has risen by 14 cm to 648 cm, with the critical level being 777 cm.
NHS doctors have been warned by the Department of Health that stocks of diamorphine may reach a critical level within weeks and have been urged to save the drug for patients close to dying and seek alternative forms of pain relief.
The 9300-HA 2Gbps switch features built-in redundant dual power supplies and fans, delivering the mission critical level of reliability required for data center environments.
Trending graphs are displayed for all parameters, and built-in "pre-control" alarms warn before a deviation reaches a critical level.
Williams and several colleagues have discovered geological clues that can help scientists foretell when pressures inside a volcano are reaching a critical level, according to research results they report this week.

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