Critical Mass

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Radiation safety The minimum amount of material—mass of a particular radioisotope—required for it to reach ‘criticality’ and undergo a spontaneous fission chain reaction, releasing a lethal shower of neutron and gamma radiation
Research A popular term for the minimum number of persons working in related fields in a particular place, below which creative thinking and interaction may be suboptimal
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EFD's new Ultimus[TM] V high-precision dispenser and Optimeter[TM] increase productivity in critical assembly processes.
According to Kevin Albers, the manufacturing engineer who manages the F-35 modeling and simulation efforts at Fort Worth, "All of the critical assembly sequence operations have been simulated." Completed simulations include the full assembly sequence for the wing, and the automated mating of the wing structure with the sections of fuselage.
"But our democracy is now on firm foundations and as the First Minister stated so strongly yesterday, there is no doubt about the future of devolution and I do hope we can continue the strong relationship between the active, critical Assembly when required and an effective Government of Wales, so congratulations and best wishes Carwyn."
The design called for four rubber isolation bushings to support this critical assembly [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED], which measured 0.7 by 1.0 m (28 by 39 inches).

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