Critical Speed

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The maximum speed that a swimmer, cyclist, runner or other endurance athlete can maintain without experiencing fatigue due to muscle acidosis; at or below the critical speed, a trained athlete can continue until muscle glycogen depletion—'bonking'—or lactic acidosis causes exhaustion
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1], if the spindle is operated under the first order critical speed [n.
2002) The validity of critical speed determined from track cycling for identification of the maximal lactate steady state.
Analysis of the damage to the car indicated it was travelling at 63mph when it hit the tree, which meant Mr Mahoneywas certainly exceeding the critical speed on the bend.
In addition to addressing critical speed requirements in today's marketplace, the scope is designed with an open Windows platform to provide improved, connectivity and ease-of-use.
Every driveshaft has a critical speed and a half-critical speed.
The mill should rotate at about 75% of critical speed.
Burn can be reduced when fluids exceed a critical speed in the grinding zone and sufficient flow is available.
In order to verify the accuracy of the coupling vibration model mentioned above, the experimental critical speed of model rotor system was compared with the simulation results calculated by the coupling vibration model.
The team found that, for any given forest density, there exists a critical speed above which there is no "infinite collision-free trajectory".
From their study, it can be concluded that there is no critical speed in case of dry turning below which tool material manintains it hardness and above which tool softening occurs as observed by Ezugwu et al.
2005) Critical speed does not represent the speed at maximal lactate steady state.
When passing through the critical speed the transient vibration of a cracked rotor system was analyzed in [4].

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