Critical Speed

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The maximum speed that a swimmer, cyclist, runner or other endurance athlete can maintain without experiencing fatigue due to muscle acidosis; at or below the critical speed, a trained athlete can continue until muscle glycogen depletion—'bonking'—or lactic acidosis causes exhaustion
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This study did not considered travel speeds greater than the critical speed, because they are not appropriate for most agricultural operations performed in the field, which demand great traction effort and require the use of ballasting, which would exceed the maximum established limit according to the manufacturer.
The numerically predicted critical speed are also in good agreement with those measured experimentally.
In order to reduce the length of article, only these effects on critical speed of rotor-blade coupling system are studied in this section: the number of blades Nb from three to seven, the position of disk, and the support stiffness of shaft.
However, the three ways for calculating critical speed have advantages and disadvantages.
A critical speed analysis using the bearing vertical stiffness reveals the relative energy distribution in the shaft and bearings (Figure 13).
Combining their deep experience and expertise with our customer-focused investments in technology and product development should deliver proven reliability, mission critical speed, innovation that matters to converters in Brazil and throughout Latin America."
The region above [[omega].sub.b] and below the critical speed, [[omega].sub.c], is called the partial FW region [15].
PC Russell Blenkinsop, who investigated the accident for Northumbria Police, said the evidence showed Miss Blaylock's vehicle had been travelling at "critical speed and out of control."

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