Critical Mass

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Radiation safety The minimum amount of material—mass of a particular radioisotope—required for it to reach ‘criticality’ and undergo a spontaneous fission chain reaction, releasing a lethal shower of neutron and gamma radiation
Research A popular term for the minimum number of persons working in related fields in a particular place, below which creative thinking and interaction may be suboptimal
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Equally labour intensive was the installation of Critical Mass.
It seems like the only common denominator is everybody clearly loves to ride their bicycle," said Paul Moore, a longtime bicyclist and former bike shop owner who has joined the Critical Mass rides a half-dozen times.
The policy would need to be terminated if it was no longer required to enroll a critical mass of minority students.
gov) debuted only three weeks after Critical Mass and eTouch began work.
Critical Mass is a duet for men who move fluidly through a languid series of erotic partnerings, molded in shimmering lights and shadows designed by Michael Hulls.
Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program documents how the NEI regularly showers Congress--including members of both major parties--with political contributions.
Yet some proponents of Coney Island bristle at such a "seasonal" suggestion, arguing that the community over 35,00 strong is critical mass enough to support any number of service-oriented retailers.
It is particularly acute within the personal lines and standard commercial lines segments where critical mass, scale and efficiency are keys to survival in today's consolidating marketplace.
The opportunity for overseas investors to execute orders will help stimulate this demand on the margins, but without a critical mass of investors to provide liquidity, 24-hour trading will remain little more than a curiosity.
One of Telefilm Canada's explicitly stated objectives is to "Increase the critical mass of Canadian television programs, feature films and new media works" (Towards the New Millennium Business Plan 1997-2000).
Quite frankly, I think as this whole sector matures, you've seen a lot of activity and acquisition-based building of critical mass, and if you see that critical mass finally developing in a particular company, then and only then can you begin to think about all the other value-added pieces like, for instance, clinical research, information systems with electronic medical records, and disease management partner programs.
The Critical Mass rides have brought Birmingham motorists to a standstill on the first Friday of every month for the past four years.