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A regional slang term for the practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin; the user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line; then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted
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Last year, Eli Yablonovitch and his co-workers at Bellcore in Red Bank, N.J., drilled crisscrossing holes into a solid slab of an electrically insulating material to produce an array of cavities that prevent microwaves of a certain narrow frequency range from penetrating the structure (SN: 11/2/91, p.
Over 500 works crisscrossing cultures, styles, and media represented 200 artists (mostly, like the collectors themselves, European)--among them Bernd and Hilla Becher, Damien Hirst, Claude Leveque, Ettore Spalletti, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Luciano Fabro, Maurizio Cattelan, Arnulf Rainer, and Erwin Wurm.
He gives wonderful weight and plasticity to the dance's folk motifs, playing with variations of speed and dynamics in rapid crisscrossing changements in turned-in Fourth Position, echoed by scissoring arms; slower attitude turns; little bent-kneed walks with hands held in prayer position; and sudden blurs of chaine turns.
Surface fractures and valleys crisscrossing the volcanic deposits may have formed after the eruptions.
Domicio's installation faces the CCSP's large atrium space, filled with mezzanines and crisscrossing ramps cast in stained concrete, which, despite their grandiloquence, seem strangely to compound our loss of equipoise here.
Just as controlled but with considerably more verve, the upbeat Irish reels performed by Anne Albritton, Treble Reel and The Three Sea Captains, contained sharp, fluid, and intricate toe and heel work, her taut calves and feet crisscrossing through small steps and leaps while her squarely held upper body breathed with expressive port de bras.
To complete the cooling, they mired the atoms in the "optical molasses" existing at the intersection of six crisscrossing laser beams.
(In 1975 Geiger distributed cookies cut from similar forms at her exhibition at the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio--before she was stopped by the museum staff.) Some of those works have metal springs and wires crisscrossing the drawer as if to simulate the network of meridians, and images grafted on the surface of the wax, such as a drawing of an arm made after Leonardo da Vinci.
In the five newly revived sections of A Choreograpbic Offering, they moved like the celebrants of a joyous rite through his expansive configurations in space, the wheeling lines, crisscrossing horizontals, and ascending diagonals that convey the elation of social community that is central to Limon's humanism.