Crisis Stabilization

The panoply of measures—medication changes, therapy, case management or hospitalization—that transition a person in crisis back to normalcy
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More than 1,000 police officers in our region have already received training so that they can identify people with mental illness or drug addiction and divert them to a crisis stabilization unit.
The company's services include inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, 24-hour assessments and crisis stabilization.
It was a celebration of the grand opening of a 24-bed residential Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) serving adults struggling with mental health issues.
The child shelter, called a "crisis stabilization facility," intends to decrease admissions to a state-run mental health hospital near Oshkosh.
* Creation of crisis stabilization and detoxification bed capacity to support regional access and timely admission.
Code [section][section] 37.2-808 and 809) are required to perform these screenings if the client is to receive involuntary inpatient admission through a temporary detention order (TDO), or if they are to be placed at a crisis stabilization unit (CSU).
The most noteworthy accomplishment thus far in her tenure has been the opening of Sinai's crisis stabilization unit at its Holy Cross Hospital.
Funding for a new Behavioral Health crisis stabilization center ($6 million)--location unspecified
-- Require insurance companies to cover the full range of Emergency Service Program services, including Community Crisis Stabilization Programs.
In a nutshell, the restructuring method proposed in this turnaround framework is structured to include four stages which employ specific techniques for corporate restructuring: Pre-Turnaround Stage (PS), Diagnostic Review Stage (DR), Crisis Stabilization Stage (CS, and the Turnaround Stage (TS).
At the time of this study, psychiatric hospital services were available in seven state facilities across the five regions, and crisis stabilization services were delivered through contracted providers on a fee-for-service basis.