Crisis Stabilization

The panoply of measures—medication changes, therapy, case management or hospitalization—that transition a person in crisis back to normalcy
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Tenders are invited for architectural/engineering design services for associated with location of the crisis stabilization
Creation of crisis stabilization and detoxification bed capacity to support regional access and timely admission.
Emergency department visits, crisis stabilization stays, CSB emergency services, jail stays, and other local psychiatric inpatient costs are not included in this analysis due to time and data sharing constraints.
The most noteworthy accomplishment thus far in her tenure has been the opening of Sinai's crisis stabilization unit at its Holy Cross Hospital.
Funding for a new Behavioral Health crisis stabilization center ($6 million)--location unspecified
Require insurance companies to cover the full range of Emergency Service Program services, including Community Crisis Stabilization Programs.
In a nutshell, the restructuring method proposed in this turnaround framework is structured to include four stages which employ specific techniques for corporate restructuring: Pre-Turnaround Stage (PS), Diagnostic Review Stage (DR), Crisis Stabilization Stage (CS, and the Turnaround Stage (TS).
At the time of this study, psychiatric hospital services were available in seven state facilities across the five regions, and crisis stabilization services were delivered through contracted providers on a fee-for-service basis.
Serving the community through IntraCare North Hospital and affiliated clinics, the organization provides assessments and evaluations, crisis stabilization, medication management, nursing services, social and therapy services, activities therapy, comprehensive individualized treatment and discharge planning, detoxification and relapse prevention.
The phase of crisis stabilization (Period 4) covers the period from April 2009 to March 2010.
The investigators examined the impact of FH on the clinical presentation and help-seeking behaviors of 152 first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients who were hospitalized in a psychiatry unit of a large, university-affiliated psychiatry hospital or a suburban county psychiatric crisis stabilization unit.
It appeared from the 150 comment letters that the two least popular provisions were the one limiting retail credit unions to membership in only one corporate credit union and the one that would require "voluntary" payments for the corporate crisis stabilization from CUSOs, trade associations, cooperatives, and non-federally insured credit unions-and their expulsion from membership if they didn't pay up.