criminal psychology

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the science dealing with the mind and mental processes, especially in relation to human and animal behavior. adj., adj psycholog´ic, psycholog´ical.
analytic psychology (analytical psychology) the system of psychology founded by Carl Gustav Jung, based on the concepts of the collective unconscious and the complex.
clinical psychology the use of psychologic knowledge and techniques in the treatment of persons with emotional difficulties.
community psychology the application of psychological principles to the study and support of the mental health of individuals in their social sphere.
criminal psychology the study of the mentality, the motivation, and the social behavior of criminals.
depth psychology the study of unconscious mental processes.
developmental psychology the study of changes in behavior that occur with age.
dynamic psychology psychology stressing the causes and motivations for behavior.
environmental psychology study of the effects of the physical and social environment on behavior.
experimental psychology the study of the mind and mental operations by the use of experimental methods.
forensic psychology psychology dealing with the legal aspects of behavior and mental disorders.
gestalt psychology gestaltism; the theory that the objects of mind, as immediately presented to direct experience, come as complete unanalyzable wholes or forms that cannot be split into parts.
individual psychology the psychiatric theory of Alfred adler, stressing compensation and overcompensation for feelings of inferiority and the interpersonal nature of a person's problems.
physiologic psychology (physiological psychology) the branch of psychology that studies the relationship between physiologic and psychologic processes.
social psychology psychology that focuses on social interaction, on the ways in which actions of others influence the behavior of an individual.
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crim·i·nal psy·chol·o·gy

the study of the mind and its workings in relation to crime. See: forensic psychology.
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crim·i·nal psy·chol·o·gy

(krim'i-năl sī-kol'ŏ-jē)
The study of the mind and its workings in relation to crime.
See: forensic psychology
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Detectives show Susanna the custody suite CCTV footage of Dennehy at Hereford police station, and criminal psychologists analyse her behaviour.
Mark Frith of Radio Times said: "We long had a weakness for sleuths and hard-boiled detectives, criminal psychologists and honest bobbies, with the odd priest, monk and magician thrown in."
Last year, the show had more than two million tuning into see if the team of former cops, CIA agents and criminal psychologists could catch the contestants as they tried to live "off the grid" for a month.
Police called in criminal psychologists in an attempt to find the killer, who was feared to have fled the area.
Prof Canter, one of the UK's leading criminal psychologists, said: "There is something Americans call suicide by cop, when people become depressed or fed up with society and see themselves as going out in a blaze of glory.
The book's readership includes criminal psychologists, psychiatrists, probation officers, social workers, judges, criminologists, students, and general readers.
The 74-year-old has also invited criminal psychologists to study his warped mind.
Police are preparing to use Cracker- style criminal psychologists to help them solve the 17-year-old's murder.
It has employed Absolute Customer Management, which uses an interview technique developed by criminal psychologists in the US and used in Holland by psychologists working with children, to look into any claims it is suspicious about.
Detectives frequently worked closely with criminal psychologists to decide what information to release, said Dr David Holmes, forensic research director at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Cracker-style criminal psychologists - called in to probe the brutal killings of two elderly women in Grangegoram - have told police that they believe the murderer has struck before.
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