Criminal Offense

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A crime punishable under the statutes of a jurisdicition with fines, imprisonment, or death
Types range in severity from felonies—from class 1 (worst) to class 6—and the lesser misdemeanor
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The delinquent of the withholding of social insurance contributions and the damage to property are followed by 14 or 11 criminal offenses.
According to the CDA, "knowingly" allowing obscene material to pass through one's computer system was a criminal offense.
We examine the relationship between mental retardation and criminal offense patterns, and in particular, the prevalence of mental retardation among individuals charged with a sex offense.
Chief Daryl Gates declared war on gangs, calling the members "dirty little cowards" More than 25,000 youths were arrested, yet fewer than 1,500 of them were ever charged with a criminal offense.
Internationally, legislative bodies define criminal offenses in penal codes.
First, investigators should identify the assets that initiated the criminal offense and trace the proceeds forward.
Upon consideration and acceptance of a plea agreement, Preliminary Hearing Judge of Section II for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a Judgment on 23 February 2018 finding the accused Stjepan Nakic guilty of the criminal offense of Tax Fraud punishable under Article 210 paragraph 3 as read with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of BiH, taken in conjunction with Article 54 of the CC BiH.
In reversing both lower court decisions, the Supreme Court ruled that the government could use, in combination, the criminal law to prosecute someone and the civil forfeiture laws to confiscate that person's property, even where both actions were based upon the same underlying criminal offense.