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Temporary Assistant Chief Constable of Gwent Police Rhiannon Kirk said: "Avon and Somerset Police are carrying out an independent investigation into an allegation of a criminal offence against a serving officer at Gwent Police, as well as an investigation into allegations of misconduct against other serving officers.
Amina visited Kisumu Girls High School and said criminal offences will be treated as such and nobody will be spared if they burn or destroy public property.
Australian wealth management firm, AMP, has rejected accusations that its actions amounted to a criminal offence.
This is not money laundering, until and unless, it has been proved that money was received as a result of a crime, so we have excluded the criminal offence from the ordinance wherever the money comes in, the domain of criminal offence and they will bring the money hence disclosed, he added.
"We would ask people not to post speculative comments via social media as they could undermine the ongoing enquiries and, if they are abusive in nature, they could constitute a criminal offence."
Failing to comply with this order is a criminal offence and people could face a hefty fine."
"Fifteen of the complaints have been thrown out for lack of criminal offence while the Public Prosecution is currently investigating the rest."
Then on Wednesday the PM said: "There's a question of whether doping should be made a specific criminal offence. That's something we should look at and debate."
Professor Kadriu considers that we are put before a serious and complex criminal and legal situation with serious criminal offences. The legal consequences will be severe and will imply criminal prosecution.
Under a new regime designed to crack down on offshore evaders the chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander unveiled plans to introduce a new strict liability criminal offence for offshore evasion; make it a criminal offernce for corporates to fail to prevent tax evasion or the facilitation of tax evasion; increase the financial penalties faced by evaders; introduce new civil penalties on those who enable evasion; and to publicly name and shame both evaders and those who enable evasion.
While some Canadians responded that buying sex should be illegal, selling it should not be considered a criminal offence.