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Etymology: L, crimen
any act that violates a law and may have criminal intent.


The act or intent (i.e., mens rea) of violating or breaking the law, or helping others to. Crimes are offences against society which may be punished by the state.

Patient discussion about crime

Q. Does anyone have information on Bipolar "blackouts" or know what they're really called? My boyfriend is bipolar and experienced a blackout a few weeks ago during which he did something completely out of character. A crime was committed and he has since been arrested. He's having trouble coping as he has no memory of the crime. He was on Wellbuterin and a doctor prescribed steroids and vicodin for a crushed disc. The chemicals may have led him into this blackout. He is a wonderful loving person and is now facing a life sentence for this terrible thing that happened that he had no conscious control over. They will not continue his medications in jail and he is not receiving mental or medical treatment. Is there anyone out there that can help me find some answers?

A. i never heard of such thing. but there are strange results sometimes from mixing drugs that affect the central nervous system. here is for instance a web page talking about interactions between Vicodin and Wellbutrin.

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A police spokeperson states they cannot stop the criminal activity but surely there is the 1842 Act and they can use also Asbos.
But Mr Allister claimed it indicated that the Government was prepared to turn a blind eye to criminal activity by the IRA.
The pounds 450,000 was seized using the Criminal Justice Act, which enables specially trained financial investigators in the force's Economic Crime Unit to identify and apply through the courts to recover assets gained as a result of criminal activity.
The next element presented--sentencing possibilities--is joined by a series of questions written at the YA level to encourage discussion about each juvenile's criminal activity and the role that the defendant's life choices and circumstances may play in the judge's decision.
At Warwick Services southbound, police checked 23 vehicles suspected of being involved in criminal activity, recorded six traffic offences, and arrested three men, including a 36-year-old Leamington man wanted on two warrants for fines in excess of pounds 1,000 who appeared at court on Saturday.
The operation was part of an investigation into criminal activity in Limerick and the activities of dissident republicans.
If, on the other hand, alert CPAs recognize the signs of criminal activity, their plans will be foiled.
Some at-risk youth moving into an adult world could be faced with issues such as mental illness, involvement in criminal activity, homelessness, victimization and unemployment.
There has been, however, a dearth of enquiry into criminal activity and law enforcement in northeast England.
Law enforcement officers called out to investigate a complaint or criminal activity in progress will have this added resource available, the first in a series devoted to electronic evidence and associated issues.
The CAB want to take from him property which they believe was bought from the ill-gotten gains of his criminal activity.