Criminal Responsibility

A defendant’s state of mind at the time of the alleged act
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The age of criminal responsibility is set to rise from eight to 12, under legislation introduced to the Scottish Parliament.
The ministry denounced the continuation of suspicious international silence towards the genocide crimes committed by the aggression coalition, accusing the countries of the aggression alliance, particularly Saudi Arabia and UAE, of legal and criminal responsibility for all crimes against civilians in Yemen.
According to the president, 97 criminal cases against judges were initiated in the last 10 years, and half of the suspects were released from criminal responsibility.
Over 200 employees of Uzbek internal affairs' agencies have been brought to criminal responsibility since early 2017, Interior Minister Pulat Bobodjonov said.
Summary: Moscow [Russia], Dec 26 (ANI): In a bid to protect children from paedophiles, Russia has unanimously approved a bill, firming up criminal responsibility for child molesters even far as life imprisonment.
Children below the age of criminal responsibility were recorded as committing 295 sexual offences and 198 violent acts over the same period.
Children under ten are below the age of criminal responsibility and cannot be charged.
An MP in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH Dennis Gratz has submitted an initiative to amend the Law on protection and welfare of animals at the state level, as well as the Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Federation of BiH regarding criminal responsibility for inhumane treatment of animals in the Federation of BiH.
Manila: To stop the Philippines from deteriorating into a narco-state, President Rodrigo Duterte is looking to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to nine, a call that supports the passage of a proposed bill filed by House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez at the House of Representatives in early 2017.
Establishing criminal responsibility for the illegal wiretapping is vitally important and has to continue.
If this and other banking scandals teach us anything, it is that corporate responsibility ought to be criminal responsibility too.
Going against President Duterte's wishes, lawmakers have scrapped the proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility in a new draft of the bill that was approved by the House justice subcommittee on Tuesday.