Criminal Responsibility

A defendant’s state of mind at the time of the alleged act
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No firm action could be taken against the girl as she is below the age of criminal responsibility.
The reasons that Fletcher adduces in support of his position are not convincing and are related to his tendency to place criminal responsibility on a single Mordechai Kremnitzer is Bruce W.
The A-Z entries examine a variety of psychology and law topics separated into categories such as: criminal responsibility, death penalty, education and professional development, juvenile offenders, mental health law, police and investigative psychology, psychology of criminal behavior, sentencing and incarceration, trial processes and violence risk assessment.
A French court found Airbus and Air France liable on Tuesday for damages over a 1992 plane crash that killed 87 people near the eastern city of Strasbourg but cleared six people of criminal responsibility. The court ordered the companies to pay compensation to the relatives of those killed.
Federal Justice Minister Vic Toews' proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 12 to ten years of age by amending the Youth Justice Act, met with a negative response from many quarters.
Other critical issues deal with competence to waive Miranda rights, capacities to participate meaningfully in their trials and criminal responsibility ("questions of not guilty by reason of insanity").
Mike Weaver, 45, plans to enlist the help of local MP Andrew Mitchell and launch a civil claim against the 13-year-old from south London who escaped prosecution because he is below the Spanish age of criminal responsibility.
(10) Other disorders may coexist with these, but, similarly, do not rise to the level of mental illness or defect that satisfies the legal standard of diminished criminal responsibility. Psychiatrists and psychologists are best able to assess mental abnormality based upon traditional mental health assessment techniques, such as using record reviews, interviews, and psychometric testing.
IT IS obvious that if we are to stop street violence, we must change the law on the age of criminal responsibility. We can't have children hiding behind this legal loophole.
"The criminal justice system's exploitation of inequality," writes Cole, "creates a discrepancy between the formal rules, under which criminal responsibility is a function of individual culpability and all are equal before the law, and actual practice, in which who you know, how much money you have, and the color of your skin all play an important role in criminal justice outcomes."
The current system, an artifact of Progressive-era politics, sees juvenile status as a defense against criminal responsibility. Accordingly, youthful offenders are usually given a number of "free rides" or "diversions" before any serious punishment is meted out.