Criminal Profile

A snapshot of the personality traits that characterise career criminals
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The police official said Qureshi has a very detailed criminal profile.
This high profile attack was claimed by so-called Islamic State terror group but there are doubts about the link between the Paris shooting and that group given the criminal profile of the attacker.
The reader gets to see exactly how Tony goes about putting together a criminal profile, and it is fascinating indeed.
It found that the typical criminal profile was a male employee, 36 to 45 years old, working in a finance-related role who conspires with another perpetrator.
He said: "The Ministry of Interior is seriously considering a plan under which the name of any accused person and his criminal profile will be uploaded on to the Internet to be seen by the general public.
A former cop is saved from the brink of suicide by a rookie female cop needing his expertise to form a criminal profile of a serial killer.
In an affidavit filed before a lawyer of Human Rights Law Network, Tirodkar alleged that Nayak had detained Sadik and created a criminal profile for him.
Brussel's pioneering criminal profile helped the police apprehend the bomber.
Articles on new dimensions discovered in violent crime cover sexual homicide, serial killers and serial rapists, fire-setting, female serial murderers, and mass murderers, and those on investigative considerations cover police errors, lust homicide, criminal profile construction, and increased professionalism in investigation and profiling.
The shift to a more sinister criminal profile of online attackers and the potential risk they represent did not go unnoticed by the financial services sector, with evidence that they have started taking steps to fend off these threats.
Mike Maddison, director of security and privacy services at Deloitte, commented, 'The extent and nature of these security breaches are an indication of the criminal profile of online attackers.
Supt Jeff Byleveld says police in Perth have closely followed the case and Murdoch's criminal profile is now being carefully scrutinised in connection with the disappearance of 17-year-old Hayley Dodd.