Crime against Humanity

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Any crime committed against persons that reflects depravity—e.g., serial killing with body mutilation—or fanaticism—e.g., ethnic cleansing, genocide, terrorism
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The chief of Bangladesh's largest Islamic party and one of his deputies have been indicted for alleged crimes against humanity during the 1971 war of independence.
Again, drug related crimes are qualified as crimes against humanity through the argument of the two criteria previously presented in the following manner:
It was because of this 'war nexus' that the International Military Tribunal held that crimes that occurred prior to 1939 could not constitute crimes against humanity as defined at that time.
The filing, "Report on Crimes against Humanity Committed in Iran on the Orders of Mr.
It is now hearing the case of Laurent Gbagbo, former president of Ivory Coast, on charges of crimes against humanity after the election last year in which he refused to relinquish office.
For example, slavery, colonization, World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and hostilities in Gaza all may be crimes against humanity, yet the ICC as presented by Mendes is interested in prosecuting Third World countries while strong nations like Israel, China, and the United States are likely to oppose any ICC Statute which infringes upon their sovereignty.
The United Nations War Crimes Tribunal says former Yugoslav army chief of staff Momcilo Perisic will go on trial on September 6 on charges that include crimes against humanity, the Voice of America said on August 29.
Security Council about the progress of his investigation on Wednesday, said he will request arrest warrants in a few weeks' time for crimes against humanity committed in Libya since February 15.
Summary: The Gulf Cooperation Council has urged Washington to probe possible crimes against humanity in Iraq following the release of documents by WikiLeaks website.
Human rights defenders believe crimes committed in those days in the south of the country include crimes against humanity, this is why they should be considered by the International Criminal Court authorized to prosecute individuals for genocide crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression.
Syria's Permanent Delegate at the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Faisal al-Hamwi, delivered Syria's speech welcoming Falk's report that gave an account of Israeli crimes and massacres as war crimes and crimes against humanity.