Crime of Passion

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A crime committed in the heat of passion, i.e., one that is not premeditated
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In my opinion, those murders should be understood apart from the terms tore--honor killing and crime of passion.
He said the incident was "comparable" to the French concept of Crime of Passion and added: "Mr Westgaph is deeply sorry and bitterly regrets the events.
As his neighbors, family, and coworkers attested during his trial, Georges's use of violence was part of a long pattern of offense and retaliation in his relationship with his wife, not the sudden madness of a stereotypical crime of passion.
The next day he murders Carl, but it's not a crime of passion, certainly not a fit of jealousy.
The disastrous results of Leland's obsession with Angel culminate in a crime of passion which costs Sam his life.
White Oleander" chronicles the life of Astrid (Alison Lohman), a young teenager who journeys through a series of foster homes after her mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) goes to prison for committing a crime of passion.
As smash hit detective drama Broadchurch draws to a close, we've examined all the evidence in forensic detail to name the prime suspects, while over in Soapland, Corrie's Georgia May Foote reveals why Katy Armstrong has committed a crime of passion on the Street.
It is important because they descend from Crime Of Passion, a mare I bought at the very start - i t makes it even more special.
A 29-YEAR-old Bulgarian man yesterday apparently knifed his partner to death outside her workplace before hanging himself nearby, in what police suspect is a crime of passion.
WHEN devoted mum Frances Inglis murdered her 22-year-old son, it was less a crime of passion than one of compassion.
Kirby's barrister David Leathley said it had been a crime of passion - a sudden outburst from a heartbroken troubled teen, who was put into care at the age of five and was losing those he loved.
It's more like a crime of passion," Deputy Judge Amanda Woodcock was quoted as saying.

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