Crime of Passion

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A crime committed in the heat of passion, i.e., one that is not premeditated
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In my opinion, those murders should be understood apart from the terms tore--honor killing and crime of passion. Thus, I suggest the term revolt killing (2) in order to define those types of murders.
"Although we don't know for certain Zhong Guo's motive, this appears to be a crime of passion. All three were linked in business, while the killer and Yung Fang Zhang were also linked personally.
As his neighbors, family, and coworkers attested during his trial, Georges's use of violence was part of a long pattern of offense and retaliation in his relationship with his wife, not the sudden madness of a stereotypical crime of passion. It was the social context of his act that made his rage and his violence permissible, resulting in his acquittal.
"When a Western man kills his lover or wife, it is called a crime of passion," says Mohammed Haj Yahya; an Arab sociologist at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
The next day he murders Carl, but it's not a crime of passion, certainly not a fit of jealousy.
The disastrous results of Leland's obsession with Angel culminate in a crime of passion which costs Sam his life.
"Ain't got no money/Ain't got no job/Let's find a place to rob," sings a jaunty Ricky Van Shelton in "Crime of Passion." In "I Never Picked Cotton," Roy Clark is more subdued but still unrepentant when he says: "I never picked cotton/like my mother did and my sister did and my brother did/And I'll never die young/working in a coal mine like my daddy did." Waylon Jennings' "Good Ole Boys" boast gleefully of having "hot-wired a city truck/turned it over in the mayor's yard."
Body found in fishpond ?crime of passion eyed !-- -- Marc Jayson Cayabyab (The Philippine Star) - August 6, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The body of a woman wrapped in a blanket was found floating in a fish pond in Valenzuela City last Friday, in what police said was a crime of passion. Rosalie Sagal, 43, a resident of Navotas, was found dead with stab wounds in a fishpond in Barangay Pasolo just behind the house of the suspect, who was traced to a drug rehabilitation facility in Pampanga, according to Valenzuela assistant police chief for operations Maj.
Morrow, who was dumped by Young for being abusive, said the Christmas murders were "a crime of passion.
According to the National Bureau of Investigation the murder was a crime of passion and that the suspect was driven by intense jealousy.
The mighty Delilah was more of a jaunty singalong than an thundering account of a crime of passion but none the worse for it.
A not-quite-famous actor with modest means, Vaughn seems an unlikely candidate for murder, particularly such a violent crime of passion. But Frank soon uncovers real-life intrigue as dramatic as any that appears on stage.

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