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A subfamily of rodents (family Muridae) that includes hamsters and native American rats.
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Common Subfamily Genus Species name Cricetinae Mesocricetus Auratus Syrian Brandt Turkish Phodopus Campbelli Djhungarian Sungorus Siberian Cricetulus Gnseus Chinese Migratorius Armenian
The subfamily Cricetinae (family Cricetidae, superfamily Muroidea) consists of the group of rodents commonly referred to as hamsters.
Most mice and rats are currently placed in the family Muridae, which contains three subfamilies: the Sigmodontinae (previously the Cricetinae), the Arvicolinae (previously the Microtinae) and the Murinae.
Investigaciones citogeneticas sobre algunas especies de Cricetinae (Rodentia) del Uruguay.
A survey of gross stomach morphology in New World Cricetinae (Rodentia, Muroidea), with comments on functional interpretations.
Murinae, Cricetinae, Microtinae palearctiques et nord-americains.
Sigmodon- tinae, Cricetinae, Arvicolinae, Tylomyinae y Neotominae).