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Hans Gerhard, German neuropsychiatrist, 1885-1964. See: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
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Mackenzie et al., "Isolated language impairment as the primary presentation of sporadic Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease," Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, vol.
To the Editor: The recent etymologia article on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by Henry and Murphy (1) does not accurately reflect current understanding of the contributions of Creutzfeldt and Jakob.
La expresion enfermedad de Creutzfeldt-Jakob fue adoptada por Walther Spielmeyer en 1922 basado en los reportes de casos de Creutzfeldt, en 1920, y Jakob, en 1921.
Describing the BSE crisis, he said: It has been, literally, a disaster.The inquiry would be far-ranging covering the BSE crisis' ' origins and the way in which authorities responded to it and the development of its human equivalent Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, CJD.
Nola left the hospital without being released and a patient died there from Creutzfeldt Jekob disease, a form of mad cow disease that people can catch from infected food.
Creutzfeldt and Jakob, independently, first described the disease.
In 1920, Creutzfeldt described a progressive, dementing illness and in 1921 Jakob, described four patients with similar signs.
A PATIENT caught Creutzfeldt -Jakob Disease from dirty medical tools.
Nirbhal Singh Gill, from Marston, near Sutton Coldfield, lost his 20-year old son, Jorawar, to variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, which is believed to be passed on through contaminated meat.
Relatives of Peter Putnam, who died last October aged 35, have sent brain tissue samples to the Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit at Edinburgh's Western General Hospital.
The CSM advice was issued as a precaution after one case of variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (vCJD), the human form of BSE, was confirmed in Italy.
Statistics on variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (vCJD) released by the Department of Health show there have been 94 deaths confirmed as cases of vCJD and 27 deaths from probable vCJD.