Crenosoma vulpis

Cren·o·so·ma vul·pis

(krē'nō-sō'mă vŭl'pis),
A metastrongyle lungworm species of the fox, wolf, dog, raccoon, and other small carnivores in Europe, Asia, and North America; it occurs in the bronchi, causing bronchitis.
[G. krēnē, a (mineral) spring, + sōma, body; L. vulpes, fox]
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Four lungworm species were found, including Capillaria aerophila, Oslerus osleri, Paragonimus kellicotti and Crenosoma vulpis. C.
We identified 4 species of lungworms in coyotes: Capillaria aerophila (Creplin, 1839; Travassos, 1915), Oslerus osleri (Cobbold, 1879), Crenosoma vulpis (Dujardin, 1845), and Paragonimus kellicotti (Ward, 1908).
Our study is the first to find Crenosoma vulpis in this host.