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n a person to whom a debt is owed.
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Her husband had been a captain of a merchant ship, and having had the misfortune to be cast away coming home on a voyage from the West Indies, which would have been very profitable if he had come safe, was so reduced by the loss, that though he had saved his life then, it broke his heart, and killed him afterwards; and his widow, being pursued by the creditors, was forced to take shelter in the Mint.
SANTA CLARITA - A committee of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital's creditors, owed $10 million, submitted its own bankruptcy reorganization plan Monday, seeking a larger down payment and higher interest rate than hospital officials proposed.
Not only are there significant costs to the debtor entity for its counsel, but it is likely that the creditors will form an official unsecured creditors committee.
America could use a competent history of bankruptcy law right now because the excesses of the past two decades are about to bring us a new round of debtors seeking refuge from their creditors, some desperate and some manipulative.
And it is calling for creditors to play a fuller part in business rescues.
Since the onset of the Asian financial crisis, many foreign creditors have been faced with the challenge of restructuring troubled loans to private companies in the emerging markets.
of unsecured creditors but leave the majority of American portfolio, comprised mostly of New York City real estate, in the hands of the Reichman brothers.
In order to avoid the doctrines of constructive receipt or economic benefit from being invoked against the employee (thereby subjecting the unpaid sums to current tax), the trust must be a grantor trust, the assets of which are subject to claims of the employer's general creditors.
For most creditors, lenders and managers, the process was a maiden voyage.
With this distribution the Company will achieve a present value recovery to general unsecured creditors of 100% as defined in the plan of reorganization (the "Plan") of the Company's predecessor, Comdisco, Inc.
Creditors rejected VarigLog's offer on Monday, and an initial bid from an employee-led consortium collapsed when it was unable to make a cash down payment.