Crede method

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Cre·dé method

(krĕ-dā' meth'ŏd)
1. Instillation of one drop of a 2% solution of silver nitrate into each eye of the newborn infant, to prevent neonatal conjunctivitis.
2. Resting the hand on the fundus uteri from the moment of the expulsion of the fetus, and gently rubbing in case of hemorrhage or failing contraction; then, when the afterbirth is loosened it is expelled by firm compression or squeezing of the fundus by the hand.
3. Use of manual pressure on a bladder, particularly a paralyzed bladder, to express urine.
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Credé method

1. Expulsion of the placenta by downward pressure on the uterus through the abdominal wall with the thumb on the posterior surface of the fundus uteri and the flat of the hand on the anterior surface, with the pressure being applied in the direction of the birth canal. This may cause inversion of the uterus if done improperly.
2. For treatment of the eyes of the newborn, the use of 1% silver nitrate solution instilled into the eyes immediately after birth for the prevention of ophthalmia neonatorum (gonorrheal ophthalmia).
3. For emptying a flaccid bladder, application of pressure over the symphysis pubis for periodic expulsion of urine. This technique is sometimes used therapeutically to initiate voiding in bladder retention in those with paralysis following spinal cord injury (neurogenic bladder). Synonym: Credé maneuver
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Karl S.F., German obstetrician and gynecologist, 1819-1892.
Credé maneuver - Synonym(s): Credé method (3)
Credé method - (1) instillation of 0.1% silver nitrate in eyes of neonates; - (2) resting the hand on the fundus uteri from the moment of the expulsion of the fetus; - (3) use of manual pressure on a bladder to express urine. Synonym(s): Credé maneuver
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