Credé's manoeuvre

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Credé’s manoeuvre(s)

A term of waning use for three different “manoeuvres”:
(1) Assisted delivery of the placenta by pressing on the abdominal wall over the uterus;
(2) Urine expression by pressing on the abdominal wall; 
(3) Prophylactic instillation of silver nitrate in the neonatal eye to prevent gonococcal ophthalmia—formally, silver nitrate prophylaxis, which is less effective than antibiotics for this purpose.

These three manoeuvres were developed by Karl Siegmund Credé (1819–1892), a German gynaecologist.
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Credé's manoeuvre

External pressure on the lower abdomen, after delivery of a baby, so as to expel the PLACENTA. (Karl Sigmund Franz Credé, 1819–1892, German gynaecologist).
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