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n the ability to imagine and create through innovation and synthesis.

Patient discussion about creativity

Q. are there any good sides in ADHD? I heard that ADHD kids are more creative then others, can it be or someone was just messing with me...

A. They are very creative. I think it's because they get all that information from all around so they connect it differently then everyone else. if you take that quality and connect it with high levels of energy - you can get a good problem solver. I have ADHD and i work as an electronic engineer. And I’m good at it ;)

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The hope is engineering services will remain our bedrock but will be the production foundation for creative engineering.
Because the melt area is in the old part of the foundry, and thus has limited overhead space, some creative engineering was required to design an efficient charging system.
Okay's creative engineering and out of the box approach during new product development has created another product offering the company defines as the "80% Stamping [TM].
Their progressive vision and the continued addition of young creative engineering talent to our seasoned staff sets the stage for the next 25 years of exceptional projects.
Why you should care: Sick says that ASIC technology and creative engineering have made its ELF sensor one of the smallest and least expensive in the industry.
Munro and his consulting firm recently completed a systematic teardown and analysis of the BMW i3 urban electric vehicle, which he considers to be "the most revolutionary car in terms of creative engineering and manufacturing since Henry Ford's Model T.
This initiative was the product of creative engineering coupled with hard work that ultimately has served our airport and our passengers well, and we will continue to identify opportunities to make additional improvements.
Architects rely on TLC to be creative problem solvers and it is essential for our website to reflect our problem-solving skills and our purpose to be the indispensable and trusted design partner delivering creative engineering," commented John Benz, principal and chairman of TLC.
Haase said, "Cam-Tech's capabilities with gantry CNC machining, integrated assembly skills, and creative engineering is an excellent complement to existing PCX Aerostructures precision machining and design expertise.
Skyline Windows, a company well known for their problem-solving capabilities and creative engineering in window design, was chosen for the project.
With deep roots in creative engineering, our specialty lays in merging current and future technologies.
This has allowed Synapse SF to quickly establish itself as a key player in a community where breakthrough products demand innovation, creative engineering, design integrity, and problem solving, from concept through manufacturing and beyond.

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